My love of the outdoors started at a very young age growing up on six wooded acres that joins the Mississippi River in Hastings, Minnesota. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and have walked thousands of miles in the woods looking for deer antlers, mushrooms, ginseng, and wildlife. For twelve years I worked as a carpenter building houses for my father doing everything from framing to finishing to landscaping. My grandpa was very creative and loved to make bird houses, windmills, wooden bowls, etc. I am fortunate that he passed some of his woodworking tools on to me.

So between the love of outdoors, carpentry experience, and some creative blood, I think designing log furniture is a perfect fit for me. I see a fallen tree or a dropped branch and think to myself…. I could make a nice bench, tree swing, or coat rack out of that. Imagine a log about to be thrown on the fire. I can take that piece of wood and transform it into a piece of art. It’s not something I do because I have to, it’s something I do because it is second nature to me and I LOVE doing it. A lot of people have asked how I finish my furniture to bring out all the color and beauty. Lets just say it is A LOT of sanding, polishing, and polyurethane.